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As Homeland Regalia is all set to launch the Iconic Tower, the development is on its way to become North India’s most exclusive residential address with an exclusive invite-only purchase procedure.

Homeland Regalia — the third and latest project in development by the Homeland Group will take the company’s previously established benchmarks in the luxury residential real estate industry to even greater heights. Homeland Regalia will completely transform the meaning and the experience of residing in a luxury residential tower not just for consumers but also for other developers, pushing them out of mediocrity. “I firmly believe in delivering a good product. Customers will find their way towards you if you are answering their needs and providing value,” says Umang Jindal, CEO of the Homeland Group.

Which is why despite being invite-only, the launch of the Iconic Tower — the first tower to undergo development at Homeland Regalia, has been received with critical acclaim from industry pundits along with a glowing response from prospective buyers and channel partners. For starters, the building will be one of the tallets buildings in the region — towering above the Mohali skyline. Brought to life by Hafeez Contractor, one of India’s most renowned names in architecture and design, the Iconic Tower is intended to offer unparalleled luxury to homeowners.

Addressing the so-called elephant in the room, Umang clarifies on the invite-only buying process. “This is not intended for first-time homeowners. We are building a community of like-minded individuals and for the entire concept to thrive it is important to establish a screening process to ensure the same. Money alone will not get you through the door — our ideal client is a visionary who understands what we are offering and appreciates it with equal enthusiasm,” he elucidates. Additionally, aspects like tenancy and project maintenance shall be strictly controlled by the management to purposefully maintain the standards established by the company.

With a never-seen-before ideology, Homeland Regalia and its Iconic Tower have many unique offerings for the chosen few who become part of the homeowners troupe here. Starting with a sprawling penthouse that spreads across a palatial 12,000/- square feet of space, all the apartments are designed to be exclusive and expansive with one of the tallest floor-to-ceiling heights in North India. The clubhouse, which has now become a boring addition that is hardly used by residents at most residential real estate developments will be the crown jewel at Homeland Regalia with first-of-its-kind amenities in the region like a multipurpose indoor stadium along with golf and cricket simulators, bowling alleys, salons with multi-therapy spas, haute cuisine restaurants, and more.

Homeland Regalia will also have a strong emphasis on creating an environment that caters to children and senior citizens, with safety being the top priority. “We are perhaps the only project in North India with a focus on location, luxury, and developing an experience that is centred around providing a positive environment for the differently-abled, and senior citizens along with children and infants,” states Umang. With top-notch luxury comes a conscientious clientele, and to keep their minds at peace, Homeland Regalia and the Iconic Tower will offer unparalleled security in the form of multi-purpose mobile vans that will serve as emergency ambulances, mobile security control rooms, and more. This is also an amenity that the Homeland Group is extending to all its other developments to bolster the safety factor.

By taking cues from some of the most exclusive and luxurious addresses in the world, the Iconic Tower at Homeland Regalia will deliver amenities that most people wouldn’t even dream of in an ordinary luxury residential development. As Umang says, “We are not in the rat race. We are above it.” In other words, the baton from their first residential project will be taken further and faster than ever before by Homeland Regalia to deliver an exclusive residential real estate experience that justifies the invite-only tag without even breaking a sweat.